Adamah Tenebrae

by Rothko Chapel

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Adamah Tenebrae is the debut LP of Rothko Chapel.

Black metal seeped in electronics ascending to the disenchantment of life. Adamah Tenebrae is a narrative to end all narratives in the aim of returning to the deregulated real and our future state of oblivion - nine sonic workings acting as a ritualistic endeavor to unravel the horror of the unthinkable.


released July 6, 2015




all rights reserved


Rothko Chapel Madison, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Semblance I
Track Name: A Blistering Grace
Pious wolves in the wake of creation
Dredged among fossils, Don the coat of lamb
Compose the sacrosanct, conjure the purity

Behold this serpentine gift
For creatures of lesser cloth
Chosen to till the Adamah
Within the vistas of nature

Cast into superior light
A meager spiritual initiation
Of a blistering grace

Beseeched – to go within
Reveal the false enchantment
Indignation of true movement
begin to gnaw upon the flesh

Blistering grace
a shrine
a world-for-us
Blistering grace

Sanctimonious rapture

Pious wolves in the wake of creation
Too pitiful to perceive
the ever-growing darkness
Swallowing semblance of a distant breed

Behold this serpentine gift
Divine knowledge amid
the margins of man
Mountains, laughing, worms singing, secretly

Cast into superior light
A meager spiritual initiation
Of a blistering grace

Compelled - To go within
Discover the hopeless truth
Yet eclipsed by shield and sword
With an affinity for indoctrination

Sanctimonious demise

Blistering grace
A shrine
A world-for-us
Blistering grace

We move…
Unto restless and impotent ethos

Men of the cloth
Creatures of the sword
Men of the cloth
Prevailing conviction
Blistering grace
Upon this soil
blistering grace
We dub thee Earth
We dub thee
Track Name: To Wither in Pale Ethos
Hidden in the gaps of reason
Beyond the trepidation of divinity
This culture procured
From a conflict of a world-for-us and a world-without-us
bathed in devotion but also logic
Unable, unprepared to penetrate the world-in-itself
Hidden in the gaps of reason
To conceal a vast nothingness

Let this day be seized by darkness
this womb, O earth, trembles – purges
into a native hue of resolution
Thoughts spat out to expire
in the dust of this planet
let this day be driven by sacrifice
To remedy our lowly presence

Stillbirth: infants to the absolute

we thirst for your history
to hath perished in the wake of life
as we bear this scorching crown of grace
God’s in the grave, shadow in the court
God’s in the grave, shadow in the court
forever under the cloister star

It’s far too late to take that spear
Man, a child, conceived upon this planet
to wither in pale ethos

Culture flames can only burn so bright
Soon snuffed, as with the sun
And we freeze, crack, and break
Hath we not taken form, sprouted limb, produced thought
…merely to wither in pale ethos?
Track Name: Ascesis
Track Name: The Lustrous Death of Immanence
Manifest image
immanence in the natural world
Are we not bound, unequally, with believers?
For what fellowship hath righteousness with the unrighteous?
What communion hath light with the dark?
And what culture hath human with inhuman?

Re-purposing delicate life in altered ways of being
to peak in the ocean of nature and burn our excess

seeking a forgone intimacy
finding transcendence
by the lustrous death of immanence

An absolute presence made imminent by way of sacrificial shares
such reverence before the idealist void

Still waters confused by a desire for divinity
Ascesis in the sciences of man, hath routed our nature
O great horror of method disenchant these creatures

Manifest image
becoming of crashing waves
in the tides of natural immanence
and yet, thou art the wave still bound to being

O great horror of unthinkable truth set fire to this inhuman cause
Manifest image dissipate
give way…
Track Name: Prevailing Void
And now what is to become…
will man prolong the till of the Adamah
while crawling into the void
and it keeps growing…gaining ground

Heed this,
thou prevailing void
devour our likeness
and dispel the narratives
mark this lamb of being
gorged with nothingness
as you vanquish the correlates
Is nothingness
not our native home of respite
and is hope but a reverie
to a crass patronage of continuance?

Only now can our gaze be transfigured
through an aperture of disenchantment
to remedy this primitive correlation to the Adamah

the knell summons our existential reassignment

with the virtue to apostatize
as we bear witness to the great horror beyond
Now is the moment to prepare our abdication

As the Adamah falls
to creeping murk
we must prepare
our abdication
we must prepare our…death

we need not be killed
but must die
with a tender heart for
the prevailing void
Track Name: Semblance II
Track Name: Organon
Pathway to oblivion
Passage to home
Satiate the will to know

All being is diminutive fixity
To be ruminated through
the organon of extinction

With perishable tongues
It speaks to me
Of "evental" rupture
a nauseating windfall

The disclosure of a world without us
immured in our unconsciousness
Loathsome creatures destroyed

Castigated lamb
Can we not become pious wolves again?
Let us gnaw the limb that binds us to Adamah
Let us produce yet another schism

Organon to extinction
Pathway to oblivion
Track Name: The Boundless Contingency
Beyond the rupture
of this purifying void
With darksome precision – a greater truth
Destined for the proper refuge of things
A greater truth unveiled

Boundless contingency
Into unknown recesses
The litany of new lucidity

Boundless contingency
To monstrous absurdities
To fierce storm and bright spell alike
Boundless contingency

Of ------------ All is naught
--------------a world ------------
---------- world --------
being is -------------- question --------thought

Where the negotiations of existence transpire
Where even physical law is subject to its chaos

We hail the end
sic itur, ad astra
Desires from beyond

To monstrous absurdities
To fierce storm and bright spell alike

To monstrous absurdities
To fierce storm and bright spells